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Top Creative ways to promote your App: Buy android app reviews

Android Apps are a potential area of high business growth and development. If you have a creative idea and a good business plan, then this market has probably everything that you wish to obtain. This is the reason why many people are giving up their desk jobs and are turning towards this. Developers work on new ideas and create an app based on the pitched ideas. 

Android App development is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to develop an app. There are lot of things to be taken care of. The User Interface, the design layout, the features are some of the worth mentioning things. But it is not just that. The purpose of creating app is to take it to the top of charts and make profits from it. 

App Promotion 

App promotion has always been a tough task to do. You can develop a good app but unless you make people download your app, you cannot earn profits and do a successful business. Gaining people’s attention is a big task on its own. Especially considering the number of competitors, this can be pretty challenging. There are around a million apps in the play store and every app developer has an aim to see his/her app in the top of the charts. 

The Basics

App market can be a tricky place at times. Your app performance depends upon a number of things and enhancing the app performance can be a difficult task. To get started with, any app’s performance is governed by 3 main things. 

  1. The Number of App Downloads 
  2. App Rating
  3. User Reviews

Every factor is important and has a role to play to determine if an app has a good status. The app rating and user reviews help to increase the trust of the people. Having good reviews tells that your app is trustworthy and can be downloaded without any hassles. This has an important impact on your business. This helps you to increase your in-app installs and also help to enhance your app conversion. But we all know that writing reviews is a boring task and many of us tend to skip it. Therefore, getting reviews itself becomes a tough task. In this article, we will talk about 5 Smart Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

  • Review Plug-ins: During app design phase, it is always advised to include app review plug ins within the app layout. This is a really smart way to get reviews and ratings and this method is used by a surprisingly large number of developers. But care has to be taken about asking the feedback. Pop-ups are obviously annoying and therefore utmost care should be taken in this. The app should ask for reviews after a given time or after the user completes its task. This way chances of getting review increases manifold. 
  • Rewards for Reviews: Another wise thing to get reviews is by awarding the users. The exchange in simple. Ask users to review your app and in return give something to them. It can be a discount coupon or maybe an upgrade to a new weapon in an arcade game. The reward may be according to your app. Whatever the reward may be, you are more likely to get reviews by following this. 
  • Customer Support: Let’s go back to basics. If we want to know about something, the easiest way is to ask. But obviously it won’t be wise to call/text your users and keep on bugging them with requests to give reviews for your app. A smart way is by integrating help/support in your app. A strong customer support is greatly appreciated anywhere and it is same for apps. This is particularly true in case of paid apps. People prefer apps/products that have a good customer support and this can be used to collect reviews. A built-in customer help section in the app itself motivates users to use it. During the help process, reviews and ratings can be collected. This is an extremely smart step and can help a lot in collecting feedback. 
  • Competitions and bonuses: A great way of involving your users is by conducting competitions and awarding them bonuses. Say there is a competition in which you ask users to give their feedback on a particular app and in return you can award them with an extended trail period or maybe a free premium account. Basically anything you can afford. Awards can be appealing and can influence people to do what you want. This  gets easier in gaming apps. You can keep a mission/stage as completing feedback for the app. There are so many ways to optimise this for your app. Only you need to be creative and yes you do need to think out of the box. 
  • Time it well: Yes, it all comes to timing. We all had experiences with pop ups. It gets more annoying it the app starts on asking for reviews and ratings the very first moment it starts. What app developers should know that no one wants to write reviews. The trick is to influence them to give feedback and by adding unnecessary pop-ups, the user experience only gets worse. Therefore, the app review pop-ups should be timed perfectly. In gaming apps, this can be after a mission; in a meditation app this can be after the user completes few days of self help tutorials. Timing can make your dilemma an easy thing to solve and so make sure you do it right.

The last and the most effective one is Buy Android App Reviews. There are a number of ways to do that. Let us take a look at some of the websites where you can buy app reviews

  • This web service provides complete app care for you. It takes care of advertising your app and also provides ratings and reviews for your app. The price plans are really cheap and it is simple to use. This service is available for both android and iOS apps. 
  • This is another great app review and install web service. This website offers app monitoring services and also takes care of your app reviews and app ratings. With this service, you can monitor your app traffic and can also get genuine reviews for your app.
  • Reviewapp4u is similar to It also gives you genuine reviews for your apps. There are a lot of plans according to the number of reviews you want. The best part, the plans are affordable and can be used extensively. 
  • This web service provides high quality reviews for your app. These reviews are from trusted users so every rating and review is organic. The plans are relatively cheap and there is no risk lying with it.
  • This is probably one of the most used web service by app developers. This service is for both iOS and android apps. A wide option of plans are available according to your budget and every review is organic i.e. it comes from genuine users.

You can also hire freelancers to write customised reviews for you. There are many ways to promote your app. The only thing is that you need to be alert and flexible enough. And always remember to make the right choices at the right time.