Nicholas Sparks and the "Oh, Snap!" Factor

Earlier today, my friend Ali and I somehow started talking about Nicholas Sparks stories. Oh, wait, now I remember why we started talking about them–I was making fun of her for reading iDear John/i. Before I go any further, I should clarify: I ihate/i Nicholas Sparks. I. Hate. Him. Well, I don’t hate ihim/i–I just … [Read more…]

My 2010 Soda-Free Failure

As part of her new year’s resolution, a href=””my friend Arleen decided to give up processed sugar/a, her reasoning being that anything that incorporates processed sugar (i.e., junk food) can’t possibly be good for the human body, so why consume it? I thought that was pretty sound logic, and decided to take a page from … [Read more…]