An Epic Weekend

div align=”center”Have you ever hung out with your friends with no specific agenda in mind as to what to do, but ended up having the best time of your life? I consider it one of life’s little magical moments. The activities you do end up participating in when all of you meet up are completely … [Read more…]

More Links!

Well, actually, it’s just one link, and I’m shamelessly whoring myself out. Wait, that didn’t sound right…er, I’mi /ishamelessly imarketing /imyself. There. That sounds better. divbr //divdivI got a freelance writing gig reviewing coffee shops for the Tampa Bay Examiner. I’m pretty stoked, as I feel like I’m ifinally/i getting some sort of writing career … [Read more…]

Links! Links!

I’ve come across some interesting opportunities and information recently, and I thought, who better to share this with than the three people who read this blog? Without further ado…divbr //divdiv1. Remember my friend Meagan? The one who purchased the a href=””gorgeous yellow citrine solitaire necklace from Tiffany’s/a during her trip to New York? Even if … [Read more…]