Discovery Channel and TLC are Sexin’ Things Up!

div style=”TEXT-ALIGN: left”Remember the days when you could tune in to either the Discovery Channel or TLC and, without fail, catch a mind-numbing documentary about wildebeests humping? No matter what time of the day or night, you were sure to see those damn wildebeests mating or, on a day when the programming directors wished to … [Read more…]

My Favorite Bay Area Hang-Outs

Every once in awhile, when I’m bored, I create a mental list of my favorite hang-out spots around the Bay Area, just in case iGlamour/i or iCosmopolitan/i realizes how cool I am and are just dying to know. (Yes, I realize this makes me delusional, but play along, k?) But now that I have this … [Read more…]

[birthday and halloween fun or that one time i got the plague]

For me, October has always been somewhat of a magical month. Growing up, I would be so excited when it finally rolled around: my parents would dust off their Halloween decorations, my friends and I would excitedly talk about and plan our costumes, the air would finally get a little cooler, and everything just seemed … [Read more…]