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I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Aso Analysis. How About You?

I have hackers on my phone and wasn’t able to do nothing on my phone I don’t know what these guys are doing but I’m about to be in tears that finally I was even able to open a tweeter account with no problem If I was Rich and wealthy I would love to reward them for there hard work … When I report you the flashes they can see when I do it it’s like if my phone was taking snap shots … but I see it less keep up the good work I know what I cannot give you God will …I have shared your app with family’s and brothers and sisters in Christ they are having simularé problems thank you Fyde for your excellent job no one like you when it comes to security …

I was just looking for a VPN service  app store optimization company that could protect my privacy. But usually the good services required a monthly and yearly subscription fee. And the free VPNs had adds and would always go on and off and would lose data. Fyde is a VPN service that is a very good service that protects your privacy with no adds and is absolutely free. I recommend this app for people who want a good VPN service and who want it for free.

This app has worked quite good since I got it and does block lots of advertising server connections. I also see that I am getting less advertising in some games that are loaded with them typically.

This being activated does seem to cause some ad supported games/apps to crash at times since it blocks certain connections. Which I am fine with since I don’t want my data being sent to places like that. Seems to work exactly as advertised and I like knowing that I have somebody working on my side to block these kinds of sites and connections.

This is a great app. Light footprint, doesn’t deplete the battery, easy to use, and it works. I use it on four IOS devices. I very rarely rate an app unless I really love it or really hate it. I am delighted to give this app five stars. Thank you for helping keep our devices safe!

After seeing FYDE briefly mentioned in a NYT article, I told a friend who uses another VPN about it. He did some research and decided to try FYDE out on one of his devices and gave me a glowing report app store optimization analyzer.

This app is amazing. Not only is it ACTUALLY free (NO IN APP PURCHASES OR ADS), but it also actually works! The app is very simple and straightforward to use and blocks ads system-wide with ease. Not only does it block ads, but also keeps your device secure on the internet. You can see a list of blocked connections and allow any that it might have blocked on accident. Super awesome app! Keep up the good work developers!