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Don’t dare to look at me, shoes

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I didn’t chase the snow, turned and went to xx Street.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ” I laughed with the old man,” I said as I used my left hand to press my waist and straight up.   

“That, I… I want a pair of shoes.”   

The snow that walked behind me stopped, and the two small hands held the corners of the clothes, and the head sagged slightly, not looking at me.   

“Really?!” Snow was very happy and looked up, but it only lasted for a while. Immediately, the head of the snow hangs down again: “But, brother…”   

“Oh, but? But what, let’s go see it, the shoes, let’s go check it out.” Then I took the snow and walked to xx Street. I know where the shoes she wants are. I have met many times, standing in the snow outside the store, looking through the window.   

“Brother, let me go, I suddenly feel that I don’t want those shoes.” I don’t care about snow. Overbearingly, she hurried forward.   

“Oh! Brother!” The gentle snow always screamed and broke my hand. Run in the opposite direction.   

“Hey! Snow!”   

“whispering sound–”   

I didn’t chase the snow and turned to xx Street. I have been walking all the time. I seem to have never existed in this vast and narrow city, except when I saw the snow.   

Red light, as a good citizen who is law-abiding and qualified, I stopped and stopped with the law-abiding machinery around me. A voice appeared in the thunder of a hundred cars running across the road: You, really want to buy? Go back, go back. Doesn’t Snow say she doesn’t want those shoes? How much is it for you in a month? You have to pay the rent, provide her with tuition, and pick up her every day, cook for her, it is enough!   

The green light is on, but who is the green light?   

Cross the road, pass through the haze of the heart, and pass through those who are not strong. I arrived, in front of the store where the snow stopped.   

This is a small shop, about 50 square feet. The decoration is simple and clear, two nearly transparent glass doors and beautiful window. It is different from the shops around it. In this street full of fashionable greasy smell, it exudes a clay-like aroma and thick. Sitting in front of the store is an old man, the Mediterranean, big black-rimmed glasses, a big white coat, a pair of shorts and a pair of slippers… He put some shoes and many tools in front of him: hammer nails, pens, and a few more I have never seen anything. On the right hand side of the old man there is a bamboo basket with a lot of leather inside. There are only two rows of shoe racks in the store, and only one middle-aged man is walking in it. I walked in, and the old man just looked down at the drawings in his hand. I ignored my middle-aged man and gave me a look, then walked out of the store. I know that the shoes that Snow wants are here, but I don’t know what pair she wants. In short, look for it first. Can’t call the snow, she will not tell me. Then: Snow is a high school student, shouldn’t you be interested in high heels? The sneakers don’t seem to suit him very much. Does she want canvas shoes? If you see it from the window on the right, the shoes on the two rows of shoe racks should be visible. Then…   

“Boy, what are you doing here? What are you going to do?” I looked at the old man, and he still looked down at the drawings in his hand. “Old man, are these shoes made by you?”   

“Eng” old man’s voice is very thick.   

“Your store is not the same as the surrounding store.”   

“Hey? My shop is different. Kid, don’t say it differently. Are you sure that the owner of this store is me? Don’t you think I am more like working for this store?”   

“Haha, old man, no one can work to make this dress.”   

“Oh, the kid is quite smart,” the old man raised his head: What do you think of me? ”   

“The surrounding stores sell shoes that are materialistic, and they get copper coins. You sell blood, it is the soul, what you get, what do you have?”   

“Mom, stinky boy, it’s not like a scholar when you look at it like this. If you say something, you don’t have copper coins, it’s a soft sister coin!”   

“Ha ha ha ha ha” I laughed with the old man.   

“You are not coming to buy shoes?”   

“No, I am here to buy shoes.” After that, I began to walk to the left shoe rack, a pair of shoes and a pair of shoes to look carefully.   

There is only me and the old man in the store. It is very quiet. From time to time, there will be a pencil from his voice across the paper. He is designing shoes. Under the soft light, these shoes look so quiet, they look comfortable, and they feel smooth and pleat less. Every pair of shoes here is devoted to the craftsman’s efforts. I knew that this store is different.   

“Young man, you bought it for someone else.”   

“Well, my sister.” I said as I used my left hand to press my waist and straighten up.   

“Sister, don’t you bring him over, give her a surprise?”   

“Yes, old man, you are right, I just want to surprise my sister. Right, old man, what kind of women’s shoes have you sold recently?”   

“Kid, don’t look at my shop in Xianghe Street. I can sell ten pairs a month. Thank you for knowing more about Tianwang! I haven’t sold a pair of shoes for half a month. Now people are wearing Armani, women. I have to pay for a LV, Laozi this store…”   

“What! I am in a hurry”, interrupted the old man’s words: “A pair of shoes in a month, and it is in the Xianghe Street of the inch of gold, how expensive your shoes are! You should be able to wear from me.” See that I can’t afford it! Why don’t you tell me earlier?!”   

I am a little regretful, I should not use such a loud voice. People are not obligated to control whether you can afford it. I am really… is it so unreasonable? Snow, your shoes, me…   

The old man looked at me for a long time: “My shoes are not expensive, you can afford it.” Looking at the horrified young man, the old man said again: “My son is filial, he said that this shop is my life, it is his Recalling, regardless of relatives’ dissuasion, every year I go to the pit to save money.”   

“It’s worth it, to him, to me.”   

A spirit, I went to the right row of shoe racks, there, there are a pair of shoes, the original, in fact, I always know, the shoes that snow wants. Posters posted on the roadside and broken night lights The intersection is always like that, all the people are flustered.   

A man is holding a box and walking on the road. Oh no, he is holding it, just like holding everything.  He came to an old building, opened the box, and took out a pair of shoes – a pair of red wooden shoes, small, exquisite, timely in such an evening, but also as bright and warm as the sun class. Man knocked on the door and hid the shoes behind him. “Brother~ You are back.” A girl opened the door, her hair was short, her face was full of smiles.   

The man’s mouth squinted and he said, “Close your eyes,” “Ah?”   

“Closed eyes” “Brother?” “Close your eyes!” The man is a little angry!   

The girl cried, she saw, the brother’s hand, the red wooden shoes. I have been walking all the time. I seem to have never existed in this vast and narrow city. Besides, when I saw the snow,”Your shop is not the same as the shop around you,” “Looking at the horrified young man, the old man said again:” My son is filial, he said that this shop is my life, his memory, regardless of relatives. Dissuasion, every year, I will go to the pit to save money.