1. Serene

    So awesome that people grow up and adults can shake their highschool personas and enjoy the night. This makes me really regret missing my reunion!

  2. LOL. Oh, man. Fabulous post. I can’t wait ’til my reunion!

    Also, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard the “riding the San Francisco subway without shoes” story.

      • Alison

        but its a great one!

        Sarah has many great story that involve alcohol. I can think of a few…

        Gasparilla( any, all and when you almost fought that guy for being a jurk towards me oh and of course the beautiful ladies!)

  3. Alison

    So two things…

    1. I was totally gonig to say that you had a very small graduating class! Good to know that there were more ppl.

    2. Did you tell anyone that you invented post-its and dance to Time after Time?

    • sarahvb2

      LOL! I thought about it; but no, I didn’t. And I never practiced my dance routine to Time After Time, although that would have been AWESOME.

  4. Kim

    Awesome writing honey, you are hilarious! Had a blast with you at the reunion, my legs pure hurt for the next two days like I had actually excercised;) Can’t wait to get together again!

    • sarahvb2

      Nah, she left before the picture was taken, I think. I’m not sure who that is behind me! It’s hard to tell from that tiny pic.

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